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UPDATE: Seed Exchange To Open Saturday December 3rd

Our opening date will be Saturday, December 3. The opening hour planned is 8:00 pm Denmark time, which is 6:00 am in central Australia, and 12 noon Central Standard Time in North America.

The cost per lot of seed is three dollars (US). There are normally five seeds per lot, but occasionally more.

All seed exchange orders are placed through ASI's web based shopping cart. ASI's on-line cart link will be here when we open the exchange. Seed exchange questions can be directed to exchange manager Lars Hoepfner, and site caretaker Ted Havelka (email at end of page for Ted).

A summary of this year's seed lot selection is now posted here for review before the seed exchange opens:


ASI 2022 Seed Exchange Items

1   O,atropurpurea,YUS,2015,20,,Old seed
2   O,acutiloba ssp. lineolata,KB,2022,1,,
3   OGB,(Zerzura x Luella Dee) x Kiosk,BD,2017,1,,Old seed
4   OGB,19/17 cl1 x Fire In The Hole,LH,2019,3,,Old seed Look below ***
5   OGB,19/17 portion 2 cl. 4 x 35/14 cl. 2,LH,2019,2,,Old seed
6   OGB,42/13 x Lu's Child,LH,2019,3,,Old seed Look below ***
7   OGB,Absalom's Treachery x Concerto Grosso,GH,2021,5,,
8   OGB,Absolom's Treachery x OP,WW,2018,40,,Old seed
9   OGB,Alright Already x OP,WW,2018,3,,Old seed
10   OGB,Aril Skyline x Kalifa's Robe,TH,2020,2,,
11   OGB,Aztec Prince x Syrian Moon,TH,2021,1,,
12   OGB,Byzantine Ruby x Sandflush,GH,2021,3,,
13   OGB,Canticle fFor Caroline x Glittering Garnets,GH,2019,1,,Old seed
14   OGB,Canticle For Caroline x Ameera,GH,2019,1,,Old seed
15   OGB,Canticle For Caroline x Concerto Grosso,GH,2021,5,,
16   OGB,Canticle For Caroline x Concerto Grosso (different pod),GH,2021,4,,
17   OGB,Domingo x Exotic Treasure,TH,2021,2,,
18   OGB,Domingo x OP,TH,2020,3,,
19   OGB,Domingo x OP (different pod),TH,2020,1,,
20   OGB,English Eyes x Eastern Blush (sdl light blue with light purple falls),DH,2017,2,,Old seed
23   OGB,LH 12/18 cl. 2 x Dubai,LH,2022,5,,Look below at ***
24   OGB,Noble Warrier x Fire In The Hole,BD,2017,2,,Old seed
25   OGB,OGB 12/15 x OGB 35/20,LH,2022,5,,Look below at ***
26   OGB,OGB 12/17 cl. 3 x 33/20 cl. 2,LH,2022,5,,Look below at ***
27   OGB,OGB 12/18 cl. 5 x Desert Diamond,LH,2022,2,,Look below at ***
28   OGB,OGB 15/18 cl 3 x R40,LH,2022,2,,Look below at ***
29   OGB,OGB 40/14cl. 1 x 33/20 portion 1 cl. 1,LH,2022,4,,Look below at ***
30   OGB,OGB 45/14 cl. 2 x 33/20 portion 1 cl. 1,LH,2022,3,,Look below at ***
31   OGB,Penninah's Provocation x Sandflush,GH,2021,3,,
32   OGB,Rivers Of Babylon x (Zerzura x Tel Aviv,BD,2017,1,,Old seed
33   OGB,Scent Of Chocolate x Fire In The Hole,LH,2019,2,,Old seed
34   OGB-,TB RE Again and Again x OGB Hannahs Prayer,TH,2021,2,,
35   OGB+,RB+ Blue Art's x Conterto Grosso,GH,2021,8,,
36   OGB+ ,OGB+ 085-1 x 46/19,LH,2022,2,,Look below at ***
37   OH,hermona hybrid (yel) x atropourpurea,PT,2019,2,,Old seed
38   RC,((susiana x (Teucros x lortetii)) x ((susiana x sari) x (gatesii x mariae)),PG,2015,1,,Old seed
39   RH,hoogiana x Vera,LH,2022,5,,
40   RH,Mixed regelia hybrtids x OP,KT,2011,8,,Old seed
41   RH,Vera x hoogiana,LH,2022,5,,
Additional notes:
*** OGB 12/15 = not known x OP
*** OGB 35/20 = OGB 19/17 portion 2 cl. 4 x OGB 35/14 cl. 2
*** OGB 19/17 = OGB Aquilifer x OGB 32/13 cl.2
*** OGB 35/14 = OGB Test not known x OGB (Lancer x Desert Diamond)
*** OGB 45/14 = Test not known x OGB Fire In The Hole
*** OGB 33/20 = OGB 19/17 x Fire In The Hole
*** OGB 085-1 = OGB Spirit of Caleb x (Lancer x Desert of Diamond) Made by Roberto Marucchi
*** OGB 46/19 = OGB Eastern Blush (Lemon stripes with blue center) sdl.
*** OGB 40/14 = (Lancer x Desert Diamond) x Fire In The Hole
*** OGB 15/18 = OGB Lancer x (Chocolate Mint x Afrosiab) x Springtime Siesta
*** OGB+ R40 = RH Vera x OGB Gidion's Lamp made by Roberto Marucchi
*** OGB 12/17 = Scent of Chocolate x OGB 32/13 cl. 2
*** OGB 32/13 = OGB (Lancer x Desert Diamond) x Khyber Pass
*** OGB 12/18 = 40/14 x Scent of Chocolate
*** OGB 42/13 = Point Well Taken x (Zerzura x Tel Aviv)
Seed items 21 and 22 sold out, during donor pre-sale selections
The top-of-page timeline roughly outlines the Seed Sale progress from month to month. Specific deadlines vary from year to year and are established by the chairman. Participation is open to members only.

The rules for the seed exchange are as follows:
  • All members of ASI are allowed to take part in the seed exchange.
  • The seed will be sold for $3.00 per portion. A portion would as a minimum include 5 seeds.
  • Donors have first priority to choose seed until two weeks after the seedlist has been published.
  • Donors are allowed to get five portions of seed free of charge.
  • Non-donors have second priority to the seed (two weeks after the seedlist has been published).
  • Orders are treated as first come, first served. Payment for seed and postage will go to the treasurer.
All kinds of aril seed are welcome, including seed from open-pollinated seedpods. Please use the following notation when you mark the seed portions you donate:
  • OP = Open pollinated
  • HP = Hand pollinated
  • CW = Collected wild
Please tell us what kind of aril or arilbred plant, too, using the standard notation: O, OH, OG, RC, R, RH, OB+, OGB+, RB+, OB, OGB, RB, OB-, OGB-, RB-.

If you are using your own code (many hybridizers are), please tell me about your code.

No portion of seed is too small!!!!

The deadline for sending seed to the seed exchange program is September 1st. If your seed is not ready at that time, please send me a note telling me what you are expecting to donate.

Put all your marked envelopes (for example 11cm x 16cm) in a larger envelope and send your donation to me:
  • Lars Høpfner
    Langengen 38, Svorgerslev
    4000 Roskilde
NB: I don't have any restriction on receiving seed from anywhere in the world!

'Jallab' photo by Rick Tasco. 'Nordic Sky' photo by Lowell Baumunk.

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