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2020 ASI Seed Exchange Closed

ASI's 2020 seed exchange is closed. Thank you to Aril Society International members who donated this year's sixty four kinds of iris seeds. Our appreciation also to all who participated.

We have some issues to work out, with a new behavior we observed in some PayPal orders. This is due to the fact that all orders for seed exchange now transact through the cart, but not all members have personal PayPal accounts. We'll be in touch with the members whose orders were affected. We know better now how to handle and avoid the issue at hand, as we go forward to next plant sales and seed exchanges.



The top-of-page timeline roughly outlines the Seed Sale progress from month to month. Specific deadlines vary from year to year and are established by the chairman. Participation is open to members only.

The rules for the seed exchange are as follows:
  • All members of ASI are allowed to take part in the seed exchange.
  • The seed will be sold for $2.00 per portion. A portion would as a minimum include 5 seeds.
  • Donors have first priority to choose seed until two weeks after the seedlist has been published.
  • Donors are allowed to get five portions of seed free of charge.
  • Non-donors have second priority to the seed (two weeks after the seedlist has been published).
  • Orders are treated as first come, first served. Payment for seed and postage will go to the treasurer.
All kinds of aril seed are welcome, including seed from open-pollinated seedpods. Please use the following notation when you mark the seed portions you donate:
  • OP = Open pollinated
  • HP = Hand pollinated
  • CW = Collected wild
Please tell us what kind of aril or arilbred plant, too, using the standard notation: O, OH, OG, RC, R, RH, OB+, OGB+, RB+, OB, OGB, RB, OB-, OGB-, RB-.

If you are using your own code (many hybridizers are), please tell me about your code.

No portion of seed is too small!!!!

The deadline for sending seed to the seed exchange program is September 1st. If your seed is not ready at that time, please send me a note telling me what you are expecting to donate.

Put all your marked envelopes (for example 11cm x 16cm) in a larger envelope and send your donation to me:
  • Lars Høpfner
    Langengen 38, Svorgerslev
    4000 Roskilde
NB: I don't have any restriction on receiving seed from anywhere in the world!

'Jallab' photo by Rick Tasco. 'Nordic Sky' photo by Lowell Baumunk.

Quick reference to ASI's 2020 seed exchange items:

1IrisOacutiloba ssp. lineolataBD20197
2IrisOatropurpurea x atropurpureaPT20192
3IrisOatropurpurea XXXYS200818
4IrisOhaynei XXXYS201117
5IrisOnigricans XXXMA20184
6IrisOGBAbsaloms Treachery x OP XXXWW201819
7IrisOGBAlright Already x OP XXXWW20185
8IrisOGBBridesmaids Apparel x Holy Moly PlumTH20202
9Iris OGBBridesmaids Apparel x ((Sharis x hermona) x (PT A009 x PT A010))TH20202
10IrisOGBBridesmaids Apparel x Kalifas RobeTH20203
11IrisOGBDomingo OP No. 3TH20202
12IrisOGBDomingo x Holy Moly PlumTH20203
13IrisOGBDomingo x OPTH20205
14Iris OGBDomingo x OP No. 2TH20203
15IrisOGB"Eastern Blush seedlings OP (bluebrownyellow and purple)"DH20193
16IrisOGBHannahs Prayer x Kalifas Robe TH20201
17Iris OGBHannahs Prayer x OPTH20202
18IrisOGBHoly Moly Plum x DomingoTH20203
19IrisOGBLH 12/17 cl 1 x LH 11/16 *LH20209
20IrisOGBLH 12/17 cl 3 x LH 11/16 *LH20204
21IrisOGBLH 12/17 cl 5 x LH 19/17 *LH20204
22IrisOGBLH 15/18 cl 2 x Lus Child *LH20204
23IrisOGBLH 35/14 c LH 19/17 portion 2 *LH20204
24IrisOGBLH 45/14 cl 1 x LH 19/17 Portion 2 *LH202010
25IrisOGBLH 59/17 x Lus Child *LH20204
26IrisOGBLus Child x LH 59/17 *LH20204
27IrisOGBPower In The Blood x OP XXXWW20184
28IrisOGBSandflush x OP XXXWW20185
29IrisOGBScent Of Chocolate x LH 19/17 portion 2 cl 1 *LH20203
30IrisOGBScent Of Chocolate x Fire In The Hole LH20202
31IrisOGBScent Of Chocolate x LH 19/17 portion 1 cl 1 *LH20205
32IrisOGBScent Of Chocolate x OGB LH 11/16 cl 2LH20204
33IrisOGBShebas Jewel x CreationDH20192
34Iris OGBShebas Jewel x Sheik seedlingDH20193
35IrisOGB-IB Cranapple x OGB Holy Moly PlumTH20201
36IrisOGB-IB RE Doubble Your Fun x OGB Kalifas RobeTH20202
37IrisOGB-RE Dawn Of Fall x OGB Fire In The HoleLH20204
38IrisOGB-RE Dawn Of Fall x OGB LH 35/14 *LH20203
39IrisOGB-TB Alcazar x OGB Holy Moly PlumTH20203
40IrisOGB-TB Alcazar x OGB Klifas RobeTH20202
41IrisOGB-TB Alcazar x OGB Sanaa RoseTH20202
42IrisOH(((susiana x sari) x (gatesii x mariae) x gatesii) x(gatesii x lortetii)) x (gatesii x(lortetii x gatesii))PG20192
43IrisOH(IGM 2045 x urmiensis) X IGM 2045 XXXPG20187
44IrisOH(kirkwoodiae x iberica elegantissima light) x westiiDH20190X
45IrisOH(mariae x hayeni) x atropurpureaDH20192
46IrisOHacutiloba ssp lineolata x kirkwoodiaeBD20198
47IrisOHacutiloba ssp. lineolata x paradoxa atrataBD20198
48IrisOHcamillea x kirkwoodiaeBD20196
49IrisOHcamillea x shelkownikowiiBD20193
50IrisOHcamillea x susiana typeBD20196
51IrisOHIGM 2045 x hermona XXXPG20183
52IrisOHkirkwoodiae hybrids (mixed)BD20197
53IrisOHkirkwoodiae x (kirkwoodiae x iberica ssp elegantissima) XXXDH20183
54IrisOHlortetii hybrid x kirkwoodiaeBD20196
55IrisOHPT 1901 hermona hybrid x susiana hybridPT20196
56IrisOHPT 1909 atropurpurea x siblingPT20194
57IrisOHsusiana type x kirkwoodiaeBD20197
58IrisOHsusiana type x kirkwoodiae reverseBD20197
59IrisOHurmiensis x IQM 2045PG20195
60IrisRC((susiana x (Teucros x lortetii)) x ((susiana x sari) x (gatesii x mariae))) x (Ayala x hermona)PG20197
61IrisRC(HE-43(Holden) x IGM 1816) x (gatesii x (gatesii x lortetii)) **PG20194
62IrisRCA216 ((susiana x (Teucros x lortetii)) x basaltica) x A229 (basaltica x ((smoke x susiana) x basaltica)) x kirkwoodii **PG20197
63IrisRHMixed regelia hybrids XXXKT201119
64irisOsofarana ssp. kasruwanaKB202021 portion with 3 seed and 1 portion with 4 seed

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