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The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts from around the world that are devoted to promoting the aril and arilbred irises.

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2019 ASI Seed Exchange Closed

ASI's 2019 seed exchange is closed. A sincere thanks to ASI members who donated this year's fifty five kinds of iris seeds to the exchange, and to all who participated.

If you carry out aril or arilbred iris cross pollinations, or have access to open pollinated or naturally pollinated iris seed capsules, please consider donating any extra seed you may have. Pure aril iris, and arilbred iris (crosses of aril iris with non-aril bearded iris) even to one quarter aril content are all welcome as seed donations!

A quick reference to 2019 aril and arilbred iris seeds follows at the end of this page. ASI webmaster notes also that 2017 and 2018 seed exchange lists are in need of posting on the site. Search for 2017 seed donations underway.



The top-of-page timeline roughly outlines the Seed Sale progress from month to month. Specific deadlines vary from year to year and are established by the chairman. Participation is open to members only.

The rules for the seed exchange are as follows:
  • All members of ASI are allowed to take part in the seed exchange.
  • The seed will be sold for $2.00 per portion. A portion would as a minimum include 5 seeds.
  • Donors have first priority to choose seed until two weeks after the seedlist has been published.
  • Donors are allowed to get five portions of seed free of charge.
  • Non-donors have second priority to the seed (two weeks after the seedlist has been published).
  • Orders are treated as first come, first served. Payment for seed and postage will go to the treasurer.
All kinds of aril seed are welcome, including seed from open-pollinated seedpods. Please use the following notation when you mark the seed portions you donate:
  • OP = Open pollinated
  • HP = Hand pollinated
  • CW = Collected wild
Please tell us what kind of aril or arilbred plant, too, using the standard notation: O, OH, OG, RC, R, RH, OB+, OGB+, RB+, OB, OGB, RB, OB-, OGB-, RB-.

If you are using your own code (many hybridizers are), please tell me about your code.

No portion of seed is too small!!!!

The deadline for sending seed to the seed exchange program is September 1st. If your seed is not ready at that time, please send me a note telling me what you are expecting to donate.

Put all your marked envelopes (for example 11cm x 16cm) in a larger envelope and send your donation to me:
  • Lars Høpfner
    Langengen 38, Svorgerslev
    4000 Roskilde
NB: I don't have any restriction on receiving seed from anywhere in the world!

'Jallab' photo by Rick Tasco. 'Nordic Sky' photo by Lowell Baumunk.

Quick reference to ASI's 2019 seed exchange items:

1irisOatrofusca OP CW ex Beer ShevaYUS20196
3irisOatropurpurea HP in wild populationYUS201820
6irisOparadoxa atrataLH20192
8irisOGB(Zerzura x Luella Dee) x KioskBID20164
9irisOGBAnacrusis x OPTH20193
10irisOGBCanticle For Caroline OPGH20196
11irisOGBCanticle For Caroline x AmeeraGH20193
12irisOGBCanticle For Caroline x Glittering GarnetsGH20193
13irisOGBCreation x Kiosk Sdl.BID20163
14irisOGBDomingo x Kalifa´s RobeTH20192
15irisOGBDomingo x Kalifa´s RobeTH20197
16irisOGBDomingo x OPTH20192
17irisOGB"English Eyes x Eastern Blush Sdl (light blue light purple falls)"DH20161
18irisOGB"English Eyes x Eastern Blush Sdl (pale lemon light blue centre on falls)"DH20166
19irisOGBFire In The Hole x Canticle For CarolineGH20196
20irisOGBLancer x Canticle For CarolineGH201911
21irisOGBLH 19/17 portion 1 clone 1 x Fire in The HoleLH20195
22irisOGBLH 19/17 portion 2 clone 4 x LH 35/14 *LH20193
23irisOGBLH 42/13 x Lu's ChildLH20194
24irisOGBLight brown Sdl. with big signal x Dark brown Sdl. with big signalLH20192
25irisOGBNoble Warrior x Canticle For CarolineGH20192
26irisOGBNoble Warrior x Fire In The HoleBID20164
27irisOGBOnlooker x Imaret F2LAS20163
28irisOGBRivers Of Babylon x (Zerzura x Tel Aviv)BID20163
29irisOGBSanaa Rose x AnacrusisTH20191
30irisOGBSanaa Rose x OPTH20191
31irisOGBScent of Chocolate x Fire In The HoleLH20192
32irisOGBSheba's Jewel x Zerzura Sdl.BID20163
33irisOGB-Aril Skyline x TB AlcazarTH20192
34irisOGB-Domingo x IB CranappleTH20191
35irisOGB+RB High Sierra Snow x RC EisblauGH20192
36irisOGB+Sanaa Rose x RC DardanusTH20192
37irisOH((camillae x onco) x (sib A010 x A009)) x OPDH201611
38irisOH((camillae x onco) x (sib A010)) x (haynei hybrid x ass. Hybrids)DH201610
39irisOH((camillae x onco) x sib A010) x ((A009 x susiana type hybrids (Shahak)) x kirkwoodii)DH201610
40irisOH(kirkwoodii x Herb's Susianus) x (camillae x Susiana hybrid)PG201810
41irisOHhaynei x atropurpurea) x (Ayala x hermona)PG20189
42irisOH"Hermona hybrid yellow form - David Shahak x sibling"PG201810
43irisOH"PT 1803 Lilac gray on light grey standards purple on grey falls x atropurpurea"PT20188
44irisOHPT1805 PT0440((jordana 81-4 x self (Shahak) x haynei hybrid)) x PT0449 hermona hybrid x dark form x ?PT20183
45irisOHPT1811 hermona hybrid (yellow) x atropurpureaPT20186
46irisOHSusiana hybrid - David Shahak x ((Susiana hybrid x Persian Garnet) x (camillae x Susiana hybrid))PG201810
47irisR"stolonifera ""Helicopter"""JS201960
48irisRBRH Merlin's Magic x GH 09-03 (pumila Sdlg)GH20192
49irisRBstolonifera x mixed pumilaGH20192
50irisRC((susiana x (Teucros x lortetti)) x((susiana x sari) x (gatesii x mariae))PG201810
51irisRCPT1810(Werckmeister's Beauty x Tadzhiki Eclipse) x ?PT20181
52irisRCTadzhiki Bandit x hoogiana NoblesseLH20191
53irisRCWerkmeister's Beauty x hoogiana NoblesseLH20192

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