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The 2007 Seed Sale is closed. Orders are no longer being accepted. This list is provided as reference material only. Thanks to the following donors for making the 2007 Seed Sale possible!
  • [TF] Thomas Fietz, Germany
  • [PT] Patricia Toolan, Australia
  • [RS] Ron Shaw, Canada
  • [HA] Hans Achilles, Spain
  • [GW] Geoff Wilson, England
  • [JM] Jeff Myers, USA
  • [JOM] Josef Mayer, Germany
  • [DE] Donald Eaves, USA
  • [LH] Lars Høpfner, Denmark
1Oacutiloba liniolataJOM
3Obarnumae x selfJK
4Oiberica elegantissimaJOM
5Oiberica elegantissima cl1 (light) x iberica elegantissima ca. 2 (dark)JK
6Oiberica elegantissima cl1 (light) x selfJK
7Oiberica elegantissima c12 (dark) x iberica elegantissima cl. 1 (light)JK
8Okirkwoodii var macropetala CW, al-Bara, SyriaTF
9Oparadoxa ssp paradoxaHA
10Oparadoxa ssp. ChoschabHA
11Osp. Ex. IranJOM
12OGRC Dardanus x iberica elegantissimaJK
13OGRC Theseus x kirkwoodii ssp kirkwoodiiHA
14OGsusiana hyb. x RC OrionRS
15OGB((Onlooker x Zerzura) x (Outline x 37-89OTW-E)) x unknown ABGW
16OGB(20-90TSOL-B x Zerzura) x unknown ABGW
17OGB(47-89SMO-J x 70-90) x unknown ABGW
18OGB(Aril Skyline x (Tuesday Song x HO5 good form)) x (sld seedling w. heavy purple veining)GW
19OGB(Bionic Flash x Main Sequence) x unknown ABGW
20OGB43-90SMO-I x Syrian RoseGW
21OGB46E7344:(Ramayana x Heart Stealer) x EnergizerDE
22OGB56E9161-2:(Zerzura x Jehosaphat's Reliance) x Tel AvivDE
23OGBAbsolom's Treachery x 45E9395-1:(Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)DE
24OGBAbsolom's Treachery x unknown ABGW
25OGBAnacrusis x unknown ABGW
26OGBBionic Flash x At LastDE
27OGBEvent Horizon x OPJM
28OGBEvent Horizon x unknown ABGW
29OGBHeart Stealer x 46E9891:(Childsong x Zerzura)DE
30OGBJehosaphat's Reliance x 45E9395-1:(Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)DE
31OGBOn Bended Kneww x 45E9395-2:(Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)DE
32OGBPrince Juri x unknown ABGW
33OGBRed Earth x 45E9395-1:(Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)DE
34OGBScent of Chocolate x ((Blond Bearded Lady x Onlooker) x Whirlwind)LH
35OGBSheba's Jewel x Syrian RoseGW
36OGBSolar Wind x 45E9395-2:(Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)DE
37OGBSolar Wind x 45E9395-2:(Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)DE
38OGBSolar Wind x 45E9395-2:(Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)DE
39OGB+Qumran Canary x Dee MouseGW
40OH((samariae x aril) x samariae) x OPPT
41OH(ST89-40 x ST89-33 OH both susiana type hybrids (Shahak)) x species hyb closest to real susiana colouringPT
42OH(susiana hybrid x susiana hybrid) x atropurpureaPT
43OHhaynei hyb x OPPT
44OHparadoxa ssp paradoxa x kirkwoodii ssp kirkwoodiiHA
45OHPT0148(samariae x samariae form) x ((samariae x aril) x samaria form))PT
46OHsusiana hyb x (susiana hybrid x susiana hybrid)PT
47RCRC Oberon x OC Leo's MagicLH
48RCRC Oberon x OPLH
49RCRC Persian Garnet x RC Werckmeister's BeautyLH
50RCRC Werckmeister's Beauty x RC Persian GarnetLH
51RC/RHRC Werckmeister's cl. #2 x RC Persian GarnetLH
52RHstolonifera x OP (pollen parent is either Turkish Topaz (RH) or Werckmeister's Beauty (RC)JM
53RH(hoogiana x RH Vera) x (hoogiana x RH Vera)LH
54RHdarwasica x stoloniferaLH
55RHRH Merlin's Mantle x stolonifera 'White Hearth'LH
56RHRH Werckmeister's cl. #2 x hoogiana 'Deep Purple'LH
57RHRH Werckmeister's cl. #2 x hoogiana v. albaLH
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