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The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts from around the world that are devoted to promoting the aril and arilbred irises.

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Aril Society International 2022 Plant Sale is Closed


A kind thanks to members who participated in this year's iris sale. ASI Plant Sale Chair and ASI's webmaster welcome your feedback regarding your on-line sale experiences. We recognize there is always room for improvement.

We appreciate your support and participation. If you have extra aril or arilbred iris by April of 2023, please consider to donate healthy, named cultivars to next year's sale. Keep safe everyone!

- The ASI Plant Sale Team


Catalog pages of Aril Society International 2022 plant sale are presented here for reference. Click on a given image below to see a full size pair of catalog pages:

catalog page 1
catalog page 2
catalog page 3
catalog page 4
catalog page 5
catalog page 6
catalog page 1
catalog page 2
catalog page 3
catalog page 4
catalog page 5
catalog page 6
catalog page 1
catalog page 2
catalog page 3
catalog page 4
catalog page 5

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The timeline at top of this page roughly outlines the ASI Plant Sale progress from month to month. Specific
deadlines vary from year to year and are established by the Plant Sale Chair. Participation is open to
members of the Aril Society International only. Membership can be taken out at the time of ordering.
Profits are used to supplement the cost of the ASI Yearbook.

In spring, Donors submit their plant donation lists to the Chair. These lists are compiled into a catalog that
becomes the majority of the June newsletter that is mailed to all members, as well as being sent by email
to ensure receipt if postal is slow. The catalog typically contains at least a hundred cultivars and their
color photos.

These cultivars can include arils, arilbreds (quarterbreds, halfbreds, three-quarterbreds), historics,
species, older and newer cultivars - it all depends on what the donors can donate. Plants are received by
the Chair 7 to 10 days before the sale starts in mid July. The sale is online at
(recommended) or via mail for those without a computer. Shipments begin as soon as the sale closes.
Dell Perry is the Plant Sale Chair. Donor questions, orders, shipping, and general inquires should be
addressed to her at:

Dell Perry
800 Purcell Dr.
Plano, Texas 75025 USA

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'Sizzle' photo by Nancy Groshong.

Seedling 'PT9929' photo by Patricia Toolan.
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