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A word from the Seed Chair, Lars Høpfner...
    The donors have had their chance. Now it's everyone else's turn. Please mark lots of substitutes! Deadline for sending orders is 2009-12-31 (or when seeds run out). Deadline for ordering has been extended to 2010-01-31!

    The enclosed picture of seedlings are the proof Ed Pickin show us. The very old John Holden seed are still able to germinate. They were sown in February 2009 and the first germination started in April 2009.

The 2009 Seed Sale is closed. Orders are no longer being accepted. This list is provided as reference material only. Thanks to the following donors for making the 2009 Seed Sale possible!
  • [JK] Jim Kurtz, ID, USA
  • [LAH] Lars Høpfner, Denmark
  • [HAC] Hans Achilles, Spain
  • [PT] Patricia Toolan, Australia
  • [JW] James Washington, USA
  • [EP] Ed Pickin, UK - Old seed made by (JH) John Holden, USA
  • [JM] Josef Mayr, Germany
  • [PET] Peter Taggert, UK
  • [MAR] Martin Riedmaier, Germany
    OP = Open Pollinated
    CW = Collected Wild
    All the other items are hand pollinated
    UR = Unregistered
    OH = oncocyclus hybrid
    RH = regelia hybrid
    RC = regeliacyclus hybrid
    R = regelia
    O = oncocyclus
    OGB = oncogeliabred
NoTypeNameDonorSeed Year
1Oacutiloba lineolata SOLD OUT!JM2009
2Obarnumae JM2009
3Oiberica ssp lycotis x self - Razan Pass SOLD OUT!JK2009
4Oiberica ssp. ElegantissimaJM2009
5Oiberica ssp. Elegantissima x self (light clone)JK2009
6Osari SOLD OUT!PET2009
7OGB(Point Well Taken x Unknown sdl) x ((Solar Wind x 45E9395-2) x (Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)) SOLD OUT!JAW2009
8OGBChocolate Mint x Burra SahibJAW2009
9OGBMohric Art x Circus Parade SOLD OUT!JAW2009
10OGBPoint Well Taken x KioskJAW2009
11OGBPoint Well Taken x UnknownJAW2009
12OGBSyrian Moon x Kalifa Gulnare SOLD OUT!JAW2009
13OGBTurkish Heart x RB White Arts SOLD OUT!LAH2009
14OGBUnknown sdl x (((Absalom's Treachery x 45E9395-1) x (Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery))x Point Well Taken)JAW2009
15OGB+(urmiensis x (OGB Dresden Gold x F87-2)) x (mariae x haynei hyb.) SOLD OUT!PT2008
16OGB+OGB (Sheba's Jewel x sel. Sdl.) x OGB+ (Mondsee x RC Theseus) cl.2. SOLD OUT!LAH2009
17OGB+Turkish Heart x OGB+ (Mondsee x RC Theseus) cl.2. SOLD OUT!LAH2009
18OH(assorted good hybrids x jordana) x ?PT2008
19OH(hermona hyb x mariae) SOLD OUT!PT2008
20OH(samariae x atropurpurea) x (kirkwoodii x atropurpurea -mathes seed) SOLD OUT!PT2008
21OH(samariae x samariae lookalike) x ? SOLD OUT!PT2008
22OH86/L/1 x 175 paradoxa SOLD OUT!EP 1990
23OH86/T/7 x Ord MountainEP 1988
24OHAssorted good hybrids with brown tones x ?PT2008
25OHbarnumae x antilibanoticaJK2009
26OHbarnumae x OH Royal Affair SOLD OUT!EP/JH1986
27OHcalcarea x HS39A (pink) SOLD OUT!EP/JH1985
28OHcalcarea x nazarena SOLD OUT!EP/JH1986
29OHcalcarea x sari SOLD OUT!EP/JH1984
30OHCH41 x hermonaEP/JH1986
31OHCHS38 x nigricans SOLD OUT!EP/JH1986
32OHCHT41-4 x OH Ord MountainEP/JH1986
33OHDesert Patina x (susiana x ?) SOLD OUT!EP/JH1986
34OHDesert Patina x samaria SOLD OUT!EP/JH1986
35OHgatesii x iberica ssp. Elegantissima SOLD OUT!MAR2009
36OHGentle Reply x antilibanotica SOLD OUT!EP/JH1985
37OHhaynei hyb. X sib. SOLD OUT!PT2008
38OHHC43 x HS39EP/JH1986
39OHHC43 x nazarenaEP/JH1986
40OHHC43 x nigricansEP/JH1986
41OHHC43 x selfEP/JH1986
42OHHC43 x Sib.EP/JH1986
43OHhermona x barnumae SOLD OUT!EP/JH1986
44OHhermona x OH Royal Affair SOLD OUT!EP/JH1986
45OHHR48 x HG39EP/JH1984
46OHHR48 x self(black)EP/JH1986
47OHHR54 x selfEP/JH1984
48OHHT43 x hermonaEP/JH1986
49OHHT43 x samariaeEP/JH1986
50OHiberica ssp lycotis x paradoxaJM2009
51OHiberica ssp. Elegantissima x yellow onco hyb. with red signal SOLD OUT!MAR2009
52OHmariae hyb. X samariae hyb. (samariae form - yel. with maroon lines, dots and signal SOLD OUT!PT2008
53OHnigricans x HR57C (black) SOLD OUT!EP/JH1984
54OHnigricans x HT43EP/JH1986
55OHOH Royal Affair x atrofuscaEP/JH1986
56OHOH Royal Affair x CHT41.EP/JH1986
57OHOrd Mountain x atropurpurea SOLD OUT!EP/JH1985
58OHOrd Mountain x HT43EP/JH1986
59OHOrd Mountain x Royal AffairEP/JH1988
60OHRoyal Affair x HC43EP/JH1986
61OHRoyal Affair x hermonaEP/JH1986
62OHsamariae hyb. X susiana hyb. SOLD OUT!MAR2009
63OHsusiana hyb. X samariae hyb. SOLD OUT!MAR2009
64OHTira seed mix (yellow) x urmiensis hyb. (yellow) SOLD OUT!PT2008
66Rhoogiana alba x hoogianaMAR2009
67Rhoogiana v. alba (Russia) x hoogiana v. alba (from Russia) SOLD OUT!LAH2009
68Rhoogiana x hoogiana albaMAR2009
69Rhoogiana x OP SOLD OUT!MAR2009
70R hoogiana v. alba (Ruksans) x hoogiana v. alba (from Russia) SOLD OUT!LAH2009
71RCDardanus x antilibanoticaJK2009
72RCDardanus x barnumae SOLD OUT!JK2009
73RCPersian Garnet x OPMAR2009
74RCRC T/99/5 (Mathes) x RC UR Werckmeister's 'Eisblau' SOLD OUT!LAH2009
75RCRC T/99/5 x RC (Werckmeister's Beauty x RH Antiope) SOLD OUT!LAH2009
76RCRH Werckmeister's cl.2 x RC UR Werckmeister's 'Eisblau' SOLD OUT!LAH2009
77RH(hoogiana v. alb. X stolonifera ) x (hoogiana x RH 'Vera') SOLD OUT!LAH2009
78RHBronze Beauty Van Tubergenx OPMAR2009
79RHRegelia hyb mix. x OPMAR2009
80RHRH Werckmeister's cl.2 x hoogiana v. alb. SOLD OUT!LAH2009
81RHRH Werckmeister's cl.2 x stolonifera 'Network' SOLD OUT!LAH2009
82RHstolonifera hybrid x op SOLD OUT!PET2009
83RHstolonifera 'Network' x R (hoogiana x hoogiana v. alb.) SOLD OUT!LAH2009
84RHVerhooga x OPMAR2009
85OH(kirkwoodii x atrofusca) x kirkwoodii ssp calcarea SOLD OUT!HAC2009
86Obarnumae (Iran) SOLD OUT!HAC2009
87Okirkwoodii ssp calcarea (Syria) SOLD OUT!HAC2009
88Okirkwoodii ssp calcarea (Syria) - large form SOLD OUT!HAC2009
89Onigricans (Jordania) SOLD OUT!HAC2009
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