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A word from the Seed Chair, Lars Høpfner...
    Here is the 2010 seed list. The donors have had their chance. Now it's everyone else's turn. Please mark lots of substitutes! Deadline for sending orders is 2010-12-31 2011-01-15.

The 2010 Seed Sale is closed. Orders are no longer being accepted. This list is provided as reference material only. Thanks to the following donors for making the 2010 Seed Sale possible!
  • [YUS] Yuval Sapir, Israel - new seed (2010 harvested seed not yet delivered)
  • [LAH] Lars Høpfner, Denmark - new seed
  • [PT] Patricia Toolan, Australia - new seed
  • [JK] Jim Kurtz, USA - new seed
  • [TF] Thomas Fietz, Germany - 2009 seed
  • [HA] Hans Achilles, Spain - new seed
  • [JW] James Washington, USA - new seed
  • [GW] George Wilson, UK - 2007 seed
  • [MR] Martin Riedmaier, Germany - 2009 seed
  • [JM] Josef Mayer, Germany - 2009 seed
  • [EP] Ed Pickin, UK - old JH - John Holden hybrids - 2009
  • [KT] Kenneth Trimmer, USA - new seed
  • [DE] Donald Eaves, USA - new seed
  • [FD] Filippo Dimatteo, Italy - new seed
  • [PET] Peter Taggert, UK - new seed not yet delivered
    OP = Open Pollinated
    CW = Collected Wild
    All the other items are hand pollinated
    UR = Unregistered
    OH = oncocyclus hybrid
    RH = regelia hybrid
    RC = regeliacyclus hybrid
    R = regelia
    O = oncocyclus
    OGB = oncogeliabred
    TB = tall bearded
    J = juno
    NR = not received
NoTypeNameDonorSeed Year
1Jplanifolia ex BIS cl. 02 MB FrancePT2009
2Oacutiloba lineolata (maybe self) OP SOLD OUT!PET2010
3Oaff. sari (self?) OP SOLD OUT!PET2010
4Oatropurpurea SOLD OUT!HA2010
5Oatropurpurea ex several populationsYUS2010
6Oatropurpurea HP ex NetanyaYUS2009
7Oatropurpurea HP ex Rishon-Le-Zzion dunesYUS2009
8Obarnumae SOLD OUT!JM2009
9Obarnumae ssp barnumae SOLD OUT!FD2010
10OHbarnumae x antilibanoticaJK2009
11Obarnumae x self SOLD OUT!JK2007
12Ohaynei HP ex Gilboa Mt. MalkishuaYUS2009
13Ohaynei SOLD OUT!HA2010
14Ohaynei ex Gilboa Mt.YUS2010
15Oiberica elegantissima cl 1 x iberica elegantissima cl. 2 darkJK2007
16Oiberica elegantissima cl1 x selfJK2007
17Oiberica elegantissima cl1 x self SOLD OUT!JK2008
18Okirkwoodii ex Turkey SOLD OUT!HA2010
19Okirkwoodii OP SOLD OUT!PET2010
20Okirkwoodii sp. Calcarea ex Syria SOLD OUT!JK2010
21Olortetii SOLD OUT! HA2010
22Olortetii (stripy form) x lortetii SOLD OUT!PT2009
23Oparadoxa ex Sevan OP SOLD OUT!PET2010
24O"paradoxa (possible forma atrata) cw, Vanadzor, Armenia"TF2007
25Oparadoxa atrata near black OP SOLD OUT!PET2010
26Oparadoxa ssp paradoxa x paradoxa atrata NR! PET2010
27OGB((At Last x Luella Dee)cl1 x Energizer)cl2 x ((Zerzura x Johosaphat's Reliance) x Tel Aviv)DE2010
28OGB((At last x Luella Dee)cl1 x Energizer)cl2 x (Bionic Flash x At Last)cl1DE2010
29OGB((Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)cl2 x Energizer)cl5 x Desert Embroidery SOLD OUT!DE2010
30OGB((Mohr Pretender x Desert Diamond) x Surpassing Yellow)cl1 x Paul Archer Sdl ((Syrian Rose x Pro News) x Tribe of Judah) SOLD OUT!DE2010
31OGB"((Ramayana x Luella Dee) x (Rosemohr x Esther, the Queen)) x ((Zerzura x Jehosaphat's Reliance) x Tel Aviv)"DE2010
32OGB((Zerzura x Jehosaphat's Reliance) x Tel Aviv) x ((Ramayana x Heart Stealer) x Energizer)cl5 SOLD OUT!DE2010
33OGB(Bionic Flash x At Last)cl1 x (Heart Stealer x Feeling Sorta Blue)cl2DE2010
34OGB(Donald Eaves sdl 2007-36 x Study in Amethyst)x (Solar Wind x 45E9295-2)JW2010
35OGB(Heart Stealer x (Feeling Sorta Blue)) cl4 x Exotic Treasure SOLD OUT!DE2010
36OGB"(Red Earth x (Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)cl1) x ((Ramayana x Luella Dee) x (Rosemohr x Esther, the Queen))" SOLD OUT!DE2010
37OGB"(Zerzura x Tel Aviv) x ((Ramayana x Luella Dee) x (Rosemohr x Esther, the Queen))"DE2010
38OGB054-1(Spirit of Caleb x Byzantine Art) x Whirlwind RomanceFD2010
39OGB20-90TSOL-B x Zerzura) x UR SOLD OUT!GW2007
40OGBAbsalom's Treacery x Honey not TonightJW2010
41OGBAbsalom's Treachery x ((Zerzura x Jehosaphat's Reliance) x Tel Aviv)DE2010
42OGBAbsalom's Treachery x Donald Eaves sdl 2007-36(Solar Wind x 45E9295-2) (Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery) SOLD OUT!JW2010
43OGBAbsalom's Treachery x Point Well TakenJW2010
44OGBBurra Sahib x Whirlwind RomanceFD2010
45OGBByzantine Art x Whirlwind RomanceFD2010
46OGBChocolate Mint x Donald Eaves Sdl 2007-36 SOLD OUT!JW2010
47OGBClose Contact x Point Well TakenJW2010
48OGBDee Mouse x Tien Shan SOLD OUT!JW2010
49OGBDonald Eaves Sdl 2007-36 x Absalom's TreacheryJW2010
50OGBEastern Blush x DuneJW2010
51OGBEastern Blush x Whirlwind Romance SOLD OUT!FD2010
52OGB"Flecked sdl. X Esther, the Queen"KT2010
53OGBGhost Dancer x Tien ShanJW2010
54OGBHannah's Prayer x ThunderstormJW2010
55OGBHashuba x Point Well TakenJW2010
56OGB"Lars Høpfner sdl 2007-34 ""Scent of Chocolate x ((Blond Bearded Lady x Onlooker) x Whirlwind Romance)"" x Night Skies Glowing"JW2010
57OGBLights of Arabia x (Bionic Flash x At Last)cl1DE2010
58OGBOGB Turkish Hearth x OGB Khyber PassLAH2010
59OGBOGB Wilson hyb x OGB Music in the Air SOLD OUT!LAH2010
60OGBPoint Well Taken x Donald Eaves Sdl 2007-36JW2010
61OGBPoint Well Taken x OPJW2009
62OGBSolar Wind x 45E9395-2 (Lights of Arabia x Desert Embroidery)GW2007
63OGBTien Shan x ThunderstormJW2010
64OGBYellow sdl. X InventionKT2010
65OGB-Desert Spirit x Lady MohrJW2010
66OGB-Striped Moonbeam x King Solomon's Mines SOLD OUT!JW2010
67OGB+Gelee Royale x Dorcas SOLD OUT!JW2010
68OGB+hoogiana alba x Eastern Blush SOLD OUT!FD2010
69OGB+korolkowii x Eastern Blush SOLD OUT!FD2010
70OGB+stolonifera 'Sina Dark' x Whirlwind Romance SOLD OUT!FD2010
71OH(assorted good hybrids x jordana) x OP SOLD OUT!PT2009
72OH(jordana x hermona hyb) x OPPT2009
73OH86/T/7 x Ord Mountain (J.H. 1988) SOLD OUT!EP2009
74OHbarnumae x antilibanoticaJK2009
75OHHC43 x HS39 (j.H. 1986)EP2009
76OHHC43 x self (H.H. 1986)EP2009
77OHHC43 x Sib (J.H. 1986)EP2009
78OHHR48 x HG39 (J.H. 1984)EP2009
79OHHR48 x self(black) (JH 84) SOLD OUT!EP2009
80OHHR54 x self (JH 84)EP 2009
81OHHT43 x hermona (JH 86)EP2009
82OHHT43 x samaria (JH 1986)EP2009
83OHiberica elegantissima cl1 x urmiensisJK2010
84OHOrd Mountain x HT43 (JH 86)EP2009
85OHRoyal Affair x atrofusca (JH86)EP2009
86OHRoyal Affair x HC43 (JH 86)EP2009
87OHsamariae hyb - samaria form x OPPT2009
88OHsamariae hyb yel. Form x urmiensis hyb. Yellow form SOLD OUT!PT2009
89OHsamariae hyb. Yel.form x((Meirav x samaria form) x hermona hyb dark form)PT2009
90OHurmiensis x gatesii SOLD OUT!JK2010
91Rhoogiana alba OP SOLD OUT!PET2010
92Rhoogiana alba x hoogiana SOLD OUT!MR2009
93Rhoogiana x hoogiana alba SOLD OUT!KT2010
94Rhoogiana x hoogiana albaMR2009
96Rstolonifera large blue form OP SOLD OUT!PET2010
97Rstolonifera 'Sina Dark'FD2010
98Rstolonifera x OPKT2010
99Rstolonifera x OPLAH2007
100RB-Eastern Blush x Saffron JewelJW2010
101RB-Genetic Artist x Eastern Blush SOLD OUT!JW2010
102RC(RC Werckmeister's Beauty x RH Antiope) x R hoogiana v. album - Ruksans SOLD OUT!LAH2010
103RCChione x OPKT2009
104RCDardanus x antilibanotica SOLD OUT!JK2009
105RCDardanus x Thor SOLD OUT!LAH2010
106RCDunshanbe x OPKT2010
107RCDunshanbe x stolonifera SOLD OUT!KT2010
108RCOrion x OP (mybe self)FD2010
109RCPersian Garnet x OPMR2009
110RCRC T/99/5 x stolonifera 'Network' SOLD OUT!LAH2010
111RH(hoogiana x Vera) x OPLAH2007
112RHBronze Beauty x OPMR2009
113RHMerlin's Magic x OP SOLD OUT!KT2010
114RHMerlin's Magic x Vera SOLD OUT!KT2010
115RHRegelia hyb. Mix x OPMR2009
116RH"Regelia type with blue signal, brown veined x hoogiana alba" SOLD OUT!KT2010
117RHRH Zwanenburg Bronze x RH AntiopeLAH2010
118RHstolonifera Network x korolkowii Violacae Bruin SOLD OUT!KT2010
119RHstolonifera Network x Orestes SOLD OUT!KT2010
120RHStolonifera type x hoogiana alba SOLD OUT!KT2010
121RHstolonifera x hoogianaKT2010
122RHstolonifera x hoogiana (?) SOLD OUT!KT2010
123RHVerhooga x OPMR2009
124TBSummer Silk x Whirlwind RomanceFD2010
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