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The 2015 Seed Sale is closed. The first 2 weeks are for the donors to order (starting from mid-September). Starting in October all other members may order.

Order now! Pay later! Submit your order below. Specify plenty of substitutes. Deadline for ordering is 2015-12-31 (or when seeds run out).

You will receive a payment slip along with your seeds. Payment may be sent to Reita Jordan by check via U.S. Mail, or you can return here to pay via PayPal.

Orders are packed and filled in the same order as received. To encourage you to donate seeds, donors get a two-week headstart before others can place their orders.

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'Glittering Garnets' photo by Elm Jensen.

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NoBuySubOmitTypeName - each packet is $2.00DonorSeed Year
1Oatropurpurea CWYS2015
2sold outOhaynei (103) x haynei (93)PG2014
3sold outOhaynei (104) x haynei (082)PG2014
4Ohaynei CWYS2015
5sold outOiberica elegantissima x iberica elegantissimaJK2015
6sold outOGB(((Friendship x (Rosemohr x Esther The Queen)) x EorBF) x Stun Gun) x (((Ramayana x Heart Stealer) x Energizer) x Babylonian Fires)DE2015
7sold outOGB((Tennessee Gentleman x Scotch Gold) x Damfino) x (Lights of Arabia x(Bionic Flash x At Last cl. 1))DE2015
8sold outOGBAqualifer x NN with heavy brown veins (have lost the marker)LH2015
9sold outOGBLights of Arabia x (Bionic Flash x At Last cl. 1)DE2015
10sold outOGB Xerxes x NN with heavy brown veins (have lost the marker)LH2015
11sold outOH(camillae x susiana hyb) x (Sharis x hermona)PG2014
12sold outOH(Holden HT43 x samariae) x urmiensis hyb.PG2014
13OH(kirkwoodii x Herb's susiana) x (PS-94 x kirkwoodii)PG2014
14sold outOH(kirkwoodii x Herb's susiana) x (Sharis x hermona)PG2014
15sold outOH(kirkwoodii x Herb's susiana) x kirkwoodiiPG2014
16sold outOHatropurpurea x bostrensisYS2015
17sold outOHatropurpurea x mariaeYS2015
18sold outOHatropurpurea x petranaYS2015
19sold outOHbarnumae x iberica elegantissimaJK2011
20OHhermona x (Sharis x hermona)PG2014
21sold outOHkirkwoodiae x iberica elegantissimaJK2009
22sold outOHmariae x atropurpureaYS2015
23sold outOHmariae x hermona (gives a bizarre metallic-purple large flower)YS2015
24sold outOHmariae x petranaYS2015
25sold outOHMitchell2045(gatesii hyb.) x urmiensis hyb.PG2014
26sold outOHPT1401 haynei x PT0022(mariae x haynei hyb (dark))PT2014
27sold outOHPT1404 kirkwoodiae v. macropetala x siblingPT2014
28sold outOHPT1405 kirkwoodiae v. macropetala x (paradoxa ssp paradoxa x kirkwoodiae)PT2014
29sold outOHPT1413 PT9843(susiana x NN) x PT0022(mariae x haynei hyb. (dark))PT2014
30sold outOHPT1417 PT0022(mariae x haynei hyb. (dark)) x hayneiPT2014
31sold outOHPT1425 PT0464(susiana hyb x (Meirav x samariae (light colour))) x PT0484(hermona hyb yel. form x hermona hyb yel. form)PT2014
32sold outOHPT1434 PT0729((mariae x NN) x (mariae hyb x sibl.)) x PT0772((jordana x susiana hyb) x NN)PT2014
33sold outOHPT1437 PT(0918(yellow)(urmiensis hyb x samariaie hyb) x PT0816 (brown mustard)(yel. hermona hyb. X yel. mariae hyb.)PT2014
34sold outRCkorolkowii violacea "Bruin" x iberica elegantissimaJK2015
35sold outRCkorolkowii violacea "Bruin" x iberica lycotisJK2015
36sold outRCx "Dardanus" x antilibanoticaJK2009
37sold outRCx "Dardanus" x iberica elegantissima JK2011

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Thanks to the following donors for making this Seed Sale possible!
  • [LH] Lars Høpfner, Denmark
  • [YS] Yuval Sapir, Israel
  • [DE] Donald Eaves, USA
  • [JK] Jim Kurtz, USA

  • Additional donors from earlier years are
  • [PG] Peter Gras, Australia
  • [PT] Patricia Toolan, Australia
    • OP = Open Pollinated
      CW = Collected Wild
      All the other items are hand pollinated
      UR = Unregistered
      OH = oncocyclus hybrid
      RH = regelia hybrid
      RC = regeliacyclus hybrid
      R = regelia
      O = oncocyclus
      OGB = oncogeliabred
      TB = tall bearded
      NR = not received yet
      ? = cannot be called an arilbred
      cl = clone or #
      RE = reblooming
      E.O.E. = RE Earl of Essex
      NN = Name not known
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