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The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts from around the world that are devoted to promoting the aril and arilbred irises.

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Introductions by Caroline Chacon: 'In King's Palaces' (2007), 'Tactical Diversion' (2007)

Introductions by Anita Moran: 'Anaheim Daughter' (2006)

Seedlings and Introductions by Lowell Baumunk: AB sdlg 317A, RB- sdlg C13B, 'Babylon Prince' (2009), 'Persian Sapphire' (2005)

Introductions by Rick Tasco: 'Noble Warrior' (2006)

Seedlings and Introductions by Pete McGrath: 'McAB02-14' (white OBG+), 'McAB02-14' (lavender OBG+), 'McAB02-16-A' (OGB), 'Mean Mr. Mustard' (unregistered), 'Refiner's Fire' (2006).

Introductions by Sharon McAllister: 'Undying Love' (2008), 'I'm Gonna Shout' (2008), 'Back In Fashion' (2008), 'Navajo Velvet'.

Seedlings by Patricia Toolan: PT9856, PT0425, PT0421, PT0817, PT0442, PT0434, PT0823, PT0416, I. hermona, PT0022, PT0750.
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