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The Aril Society International is a group of iris enthusiasts from around the world that are devoted to promoting the aril and arilbred irises.

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ASI Officers:
President: Howie Dash -
Vice President: Peter McGrath
Past President: Bob Pries -
General Secretary: George Hildebrandt
Treasurer: Cheryl Deaton -
ASI Board:
Nominations Chair: Peter McGrath -
Photo Archivist: Cindy H Rivera -
Photo Archives: Scott Jordan -
ASI Register, Plant Sale Co-Chair: Dell Perry -
Plant Sale Co-Chair (Domestic): Judy Schneider -
Yearbook Editor: Dr. Thomas Fietz -
Yearbook Co-Editor, Past President: Patricia Toolan -
Yearbook Co-editor: Elm Jensen -
Newsletter Editor: Michael Kurela -
Checklist Editor: Joseph Stringham -
Seed Exchange Chairman: Lars Hoepfner -
Science Advisor: Harald Mathes -
Web Page Editor: Ted Havelka -
ASI Directors:
-- Directors through 2024: --
Tom Waters, Olga Batalov, Lars Hopfner
-- Directors through 2025: --
George Hildenbrandt, Dell Perry, Michael Kurela, Ted Havelka
-- Directors through 2026: --
Peter Gras, Patricia Toolan
-- Directors through 2027: --
Dan Williams
Committees & Services:
Advertising: Lars Hoepfner -
Color Slides: Scott Jordan -
Species Preservation: Lars Hoepfner -
Test Gardens: Dell Perry -
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