Ken Bastow's slide collection, images in directories as received:

This ASI library page holds images of Ken Bastow as received early in 2018. It is a work in progress. Directory names are left as found. Directories may appear out of alphabetical order, and may also appear out of parent-child order. Web maintainers for ASI's web site are working to fix these issues.

As of May 2018 there are two view modes. The first view mode highlights the visitor's present choice of directory, showing selected directory, its parent directories above it and any files found in it. The second view shows all directories. In this second view mode any jpeg images found in the visitor's selected directory appear as thumbnail size images. Each thumbnail is a link to the full size image. When finished viewing a full size image, visitors may safely click their web browser's 'back' button to return to the file tree viewing page.

While not ideal we've posted this rough file presentation page before it is fully formatted and refined, to allow ASI members and interested public to browse the approximate 670 scanned photos of Ken Bastow. The scripting to support file and directory browsing in a clean way takes time. In the interest of restoring an important part of ASI's library we're opening access to these archived photos ahead of fully tested and satisfactory viewing framework.

Questions can be sent to ASI's webmaster. Contact information at end of this page. We hope you'll enjoy these photos of rare plants and iris in flower!


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* *  1200-001-BASTOW SLIDES-IN ENVELOPE-1200 res
* * *  BASTOW INFORMATION SHEET-transcription
* * * * BASTOW INFORMATION SHEET-transcript..shs (file)

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