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ASI 2021 Seed Exchange Full List

Note as of 2021-10-20 seed lot No. 71 is sold out. ASI's on-line cart will reflect other sold out seed items as well. This list provided as a quick reference, and text-only presentation of seed exchange items. (The cart does not provide a compact way to see the sum of this information on one page.)

No. 01IRIS,O,acutiloba lineolata ex. Josef Meyer,KB,2021,3,,,
No. 02IRIS,O,acutiloba ssp lineolata,BD,2020,18,,,
No. 03IRIS,O,atropurpurea HP,YUS,2019,13,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 04IRIS,O,camillae ,BD,2020,5,,,
No. 05IRIS,O,haynei,YUS,2016,7,,from 2016 seedlist,
No. 06IRIS,O,iberica elegantissima Cl 1 x self,JK,2019,11,,,
No. 07IRIS,O,iberica elegantissima dark form x self,JK,2017,5,,,
No. 08IRIS,O,kirkwoodiae,JK,2019,9,,,
No. 09IRIS,O,kirkwoodiae,BD,2020,8,,,
No. 10IRIS,O,lortetii,KB,2021,0,X,,
No. 11IRIS,O,paradoxa,BD,2020,3,,,
No. 12IRIS,O,paradoxa atrata,BD,2020,8,,,
No. 13IRIS,O,polakii,BD,2020,7,,,
No. 14IRIS,OG,susiana hybrid (David Shahak) x ((susiana hybrid x Persian Garnet) x (camillae x susiana hybrid)),PG,2015,4,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 15IRIS,OGB,Anacrusis x OP,TH,2019,3,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 16IRIS,OGB,Aztec Prince x Syrian Moon,TH,2021,0,X,,X
No. 17IRIS,OGB,Blusette x Canticle For Caroline,GH,2020,6,,,
No. 18IRIS,OGB,Blusette x Fire In The Hole,GH,2020,1,,,
No. 19IRIS,OGB,Bridesmaid's Apparel x LH 19/17,LH,2021,5,,*** Look after description below,
No. 20IRIS,OGB,Byzantine Ruby x Pharaoh's Host,GH,2020,4,,,
No. 21IRIS,OGB,Canticle For Caroline x ASI 11-70-2 ( RB Saffron Charm OP),GH,2020,2,,,
No. 22IRIS,OGB,Canticle For Caroline x ASI 11-70-2 ( RB Saffron Charm OP) ,GH,2020,2,,Capsule two.,
No. 23IRIS,OGB,Canticle For Caroline x LH 19/17,LH,2021,5,,*** Look after description below,
No. 24IRIS,OGB,Canticle For Caroline x OP,GH,2019,6,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 25IRIS,OGB,Canticle For Caroline x Sand Dancer,LH,2021,5,,,
No. 26IRIS,OGB,Creation x Kiosk sdl.,BD,2017,3,,from 2017 seedlist,
No. 27IRIS,OGB,Domingo x Kalifa's Robe,TH,2019,4,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 28IRIS,OGB,English Eyes x Eastern Blush Sdlg (pale lemon light blue centre on falls),DH,2017,4,,from 2017 seedlist,
No. 29IRIS,OGB,Fire In The Hole x Canticle For Caroline,GH,2019,4,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 30IRIS,OGB,Hanah's Prayer x Kalifa's Rober,TH,2021,1,,,x
No. 31IRIS,OGB,High Sierra Snow x Blusette,GH,2020,1,,,
No. 32IRIS,OGB,Lancer x Canticle For Caroline,GH,2019,5,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 33IRIS,OGB,LH 12/17 x Galilee Dawn,LH,2021,3,,*** Look after description below,
No. 34IRIS,OGB,LH 12/18 portion 1 clone 4 x LH 19/17 clone 1,LH,2021,5,,*** Look after description below,
No. 35IRIS,OGB,LH 12/18 portion 1 clone 4 x O.P.,LH,2021,5,,*** Look after description below,
No. 36IRIS,OGB,LH 19/17 clone 1 X Nice unknown OGB,LH,2021,3,,*** Look after description below,
No. 37IRIS,OGB,LH 45/14 clone 1 x Sand Dancer,LH,2021,5,,*** Look after description below,
No. 38IRIS,OGB,LH 45/14 clone 2 x LH 12/17,LH,2021,2,,*** Look after description below,
No. 39IRIS,OGB,Shaman's Magic x Canticle For Caroline,GH,2020,3,,,
No. 40IRIS,OGB,Shaman's Magic x Glittering Garnets,GH,2020,2,,,
No. 41IRIS,OGB,Zerzura x Hannah's Prayer,TH,2021,1,,,X
No. 42IRIS,OGB-,Perry Dyer x Holy Moly Plum,TH,2021,1,,,X
No. 43IRIS,OGB-,Pussycat Eyes x Cantickle For Caroline,GH,2020,1,,,
No. 44IRIS,OGB-,Shimmy Shake x OP,GH,2020,3,,,
No. 45IRIS,OGB-,TB Alcazar sdlg 'alba' X OGB Syrian Moon,TH,2021,3,,,X
No. 46IRIS,OGB-,TB Alcazar sdlg 'alba' X OGB Kalifa's Robe,TH,2021,3,,,X
No. 47IRIS,OGB-,TB RE Again and Again x OGB Hannah's Prayer,TH,2021,4,,,X
No. 48IRIS,OGB-,TB RE Immortality x OGB Aril Skyline,TH,2021,1,,,X
No. 49IRIS,OGB-,TB Silken Trim x OGB Zerzura,TH,2021,2,,,x
No. 50IRIS,OGB ,LH 11/16 x O.P,LH,2021,5,,*** Look after description below,
No. 51IRIS,OGB+,LH 12/17 x RC Werckmeisters Beauty,LH,2021,4,,*** Look after description below,
No. 52IRIS,OH,((camillae x onco) x (sib A010 X A009)) x OP,DH,2017,18,,from 2017 seedlist,
No. 53IRIS,OH,((camillae x onco) x (sibA010 x A009) x (haynei hybrid x ass. Hybrids),DH,2017,10,,from 2017 seedlist,
No. 54IRIS,OH,((camillae x onco) x sib. A010) x ((A009 x susiana type hybrids (Shahak)) x kirtkwoodii),DH,2017,8,,from 2017 seedlist,
No. 55IRIS,OH,(haynei x atropurpurea) x (Ayala x hermona),PG,2015,6,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 56IRIS,OH,acutiloba ssp lineolata x grossheimii,BD,2020,24,,,
No. 57IRIS,OH,barnumae x antilibanotica,JK,2013,7,,,
No. 58IRIS,OH,camillae x kirkwoodiae,BD,2020,4,,,
No. 59IRIS,OH,damascena x medwedewii,BD,2020,10,,,
No. 60IRIS,OH,hermona hybrid yellow form (from David Shahak seed) x sibling,PG,2015,6,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 61IRIS,OH,iberica elegantissima x iberica lycotis,JK,2016,10,,Capsule two,
No. 62IRIS,OH,iberica elegantissima x iberica lycotis,JK,2016,11,,,
No. 63IRIS,OH,kirkwoodiae x iberica,BD,2020,12,,,
No. 64IRIS,OH,kirkwoodiae x iberica elegantissima,JK,2016,13,,Capsule two,
No. 65IRIS,OH,kirkwoodiae x iberica elegantissima,JK,2016,3,,,
No. 66IRIS,OH,kirkwoodiae x iberica elegantissima,JK,2017,15,,,
No. 67IRIS,OH,kirkwoodiae x sibling,PT,2020,5,,,
No. 68IRIS,OH,PT 1803 (lilac gray std. Purple on gray falls) x atropurpurea,PT,2019,4,,from 2019 seedlist,
No. 69IRIS,OH,"PT2001 (PT0022 x PT0010) - (Lilac standards, purple on Tan falls x yellow brown)",PT,2020,3,,,
No. 70IRIS,R,stolonifera 'Helicopter',JS,2019,3,,,
No. 71IRIS,RB,stolonifera Network x (RE Plum Plum x RE Little Showoff),LH,2021,0,X,,
No. 72IRIS,RC,ASI 11-58-1 (stolonifera ex. Volfovich Moler OP) x Werckmeisters Beauty,GH,2020,2,,,
No. 73IRIS,RC,Dunshanbe x ASI 11-58-1 (stolonifera ex Volfovich Moler OP),GH,2020,0,X,,
No. 74IRIS,RC,"korolkowii violacea Bruin x kirkwoodiae",JK,2017,6,,,
No. 75IRIS,RC,"korolkowii violacea Bruin x iberica elegantissima",JK,2016,7,,,
No. 76IRIS,RC,korolkowii violacea x iberica elegantissima,JK,2017,10,,,
No. 77IRIS,RC,korolkowii violaceae x iberica lycotis,JK,2017,3,,,
No. 78IRIS,RC,Werckmeisters Beauty x ASI 11-58-1 (stolonifera ex Volfovich Moler OP),GH,2020,0,X,,
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